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Sep 24, 2010 11:00am EDT
:00. hi, pat. >> hi, eun. coming up this afternoon, the latest on lindsay lohan in court where a judge may throw her in the slammer. we'll have t latest there. plus we're barely into the flu shot season and all right officials are worried about flu shot fa teak. then at 5:00. we're going to talk with david gregory about d.c.'s school chancellor michelle rhee. how d.c.'s strides in education could serve as a teaching tool for other states. those stories plus your first word on weather and breaking news as it happens. coming up tonight on news 4 starting at 4:00, eun. >> pat, thanks so much. >>> time for a tine check of your forecast. >> there's the sky over washington, kind of filled with a bright smer-like haze here on this autumn september morning. temperatures are approaching 90 in many locations. it's going to continue to climb into the mid 90s as we have a weak area of high pressure giving us this sunshine, but then relief on the way, a front cing in from the midwest arriving tomorrow. we'll have a few clouds along that front in the morning and we'll be in the 60s in the rning, by mida
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1